United in Poverty? Maina Kamanda Criticized over Referendum remarks


Jubilee nominated MP Maina Kamanda has come under heavy criticism from a section of online users after boldly alleging that a referendum to change the constitution will unite Kenyans.

Speaking at a church service at Oljororok Catholic Church in Nyahururu on Sunday, Kamanda who was accompanied by other Jubilee MPs allied to Kieleweke team maintained that the pending referendum will lead to a more united country and also make it hard for the corrupt to go scot-free.

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Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka (right), former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth (centre) and nominated MP Maina Kamanda during a past Sunday service at St. Stephen’s Church, Jogoo Road. Photo/File

“Referendum will act to cement the unity brought by the handshake by ensuring that all communities are equal. You have seen how governors are stealing public money in the counties, theft is also in the national government. This is what we want to stop. We want to make it hard for them to steal public funds” said Kamanda.

What angered most Kenyans, is Kamanda’s stern remarks on those supporting Thirdway Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot’s Punguza Migizo initiative.

Kamanda warned them saying that BBI’s recommendations will only give directions to Kenyans terming the initiative as a people-driven process.

Many rubbished his remarks asking how Kenyans will unite in poverty, looting of public resources, tribalism, higher cost of living and unemployment of learned Youths that is currently rocking the country.

Here are some of the bitter responses from social media users;

Roy Mburugu Mutiga Not referendum but poverty, handcheque is leading to poverty since two families will drain all public coffers direct to there pocket being season two yaani mkodo wa lala salama. Itakumbukwa season one was acted by there fathers, they had even secret joint account.

Kiprotich Langat How can we unite in poverty, looting of public resources Tribalism,, higher cost of living and unemployment of our learned Youths??????..This is animals Farm.

Willy Kay and who said we are not united? As far as I know its the leaders who disunite us to serve their selfish interests. Kweraaaa…

Samuel Mutero Kenya Is very much united, Raila personal sycological weaknesses has nothing to do with unity in the Country, Raila has to accept the reality, he has had his time in politics, he should be thankful to Kenyans, that they gave him an opportunity to serve as a Prime Minister for five years.

Kevin Ishelia What’s the essence of Kenyans being burdened economically because of Raila’s personal satisfaction…? It’s now time to understand that Kenyans can stabilize themselves without Raila …

John Ndung’u Where does the Bible say that’s the referendum will bring peace and unite Kenya? It is only in Christ where peace is granted, in referendum is division and side taking where peace is broken and and disunity is preached

Haidar Abeyd Kafi How will it join Kenyans and already you have declared that Mount Kenya is a Kikuyu Kingdom and no one is welcome there Without it’s King Uhuru Uhuru or without his Permission. Kamando do not fool some people.

Opondi Ogwechalre It will unite invincible thieves, the ones who steal from us but don’t get arrested, the dynasties


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