Ruto Trolled for his 2022 ‘Chest Thumping’

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A photo collage of DP William Ruto and ODM party leader Raila Odinga. Ruto has urged Raila to accept the loss 2022 if he gets defeated and avoid causing unnecessary chaos. Photo/File

Deputy President William Ruto has found himself on the receiving end of brutal trolls from the Twitter army after announcing that he is more than ready to face Raila Odinga in the 2022 race.

Exhibiting total confidence, Ruto who was speaking on Sunday at Full Gospel Church in Timau, Meru County, said he does not fear running against the ODM boss since he had prepared himself for the same.

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ODM party boss Raila Odinga. Photo/File

“I have heard that the vitendawili man (riddles man) wants to run against me in 2022. I want to assure him that I have heard him loud and clear if that was his intentions.  I do not have any problem competing with him, but he must first tell and assure Kenyans that in case of a defeat, he will accept the decision of the Kenyan voters,” said Ruto

His sentiments did not go down well with a section of Kenyans who described Ruto as a man full of pride and arrogance.

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Dp William Ruto at a past event. Photo/File

Some reminded the Deputy President that the ‘system’ was not going to favour him in 2022 just like it did in 2017 with others jokingly reminding him that Raila (who according to them is in government) is going to ensure that all systems in place are used for their own good.

Here are some of the comments from Facebook and Twitter:


Ann Wekesa So you automatically know that you will win the coming election,ed its must you will reach 2022,your God must be apromising one,everyone must worship him,if its one God we worship all of us,my friends some of the people could not have died but live forever, be humble

Ken Atulo Ruto should be consulting Uhuru before making a decision about raila how do you abuse your co wife in public and you don’t know what they talk with your husband

Bobby Paul Mr. Rutto sins of 2013 and 2017 won’t replicate in 2022! You can even die before 2022 but more important this coming election will be contested on a total different dispensation. There will be no NIS to defile the server, there will no Chris Musando, there will be no chiloba….

Replying to Computer generated results is not winning . It is stealing. Promise not to steal or rig 

 14 hours ago

Larry Mulwa Jnr See yourself! This man is very gullible! Raila Odinga just pressing a button to see if you will dance to it! Amazingly you fall to his tactics! He will be watching news tonight and seen the ….in you! Already clarified his statement as misquoted! But there you are dancing to his tune😂😂😂😂

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