Nandi Senator in Trouble for Threatening to Deal With Ruto’s Haters


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Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei.PHOTO/COURTESY

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has landed himself in trouble after a video of him threatening to deal with enemies of Deputy President William Ruto went viral on social media.



In the viral video, Cherargei warned Ruto’s enemies after announcing that a ‘hit list’ was being prepared and that when the time is ripe, they will be dealt with. According to the vocal legislator, Ruto’s allies are keen to ensure that his enemies are ‘marked’ and ‘profiled’.

“Those abusing the deputy president should continue but know that we are marking you and we are profiling you,” he said.

His utterances have raised eyebrows within the political sphere. Raila Odinga’s aide Philip Etale told off the legislator for attempting to cause fear among Kenyans ahead of 2022.

Etale says that Raila’s camp is ready to be dealt with even if it meant by losing their lives as he is aware that they are among those listed. He further argued that his utterances are meant to force Kenyans into voting Ruto as president in 2022.

“Yesterday you said very clearly that you and the person you support are busy PROFILING everyone insulting or opposed to him and that at the right time MUTAWASHUGHULIKIA. Verily verily, we are ready bro. You can’t force millions of Kenyans to support whomever you are vouching for. If you are planning to kill, please carry on, you won’t kill and finish the whole country called Kenya,” read a section of Etale Facebook post.

Here are more angry reactions from Kenyans;

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