Kwani Ulitoa Tint? Netizens To Sabina Chege after Viral Njata Yakwa Video


The late Benga Musician who was popularly known by his stage name John DeMathew has been mourned by people from all walks of life. From the local residents of Central Kenya who loved his music, his Kenyan fans, to top government officials.

Image Courtesy; Sabina Chege featured in Njata Yakwa

However, one message of condolences from Murang’a Women Rep- Sabina Chege who featured in one of DeMathew’s songs-Njata Yakwa as a video vixen evoked mixed reactions from Netizens.  While some lauded her for being an all-round woman who has tried her luck on various industries, others accused her of bleaching her skin since from the video she appeared a bit blonde.

Taking to social media Sabina expressed her deep condolences through a short statement which read;

“I have seen you grow as a person and in the music industry. Farethee well my friend.” ~ Sabina Chege

Sabina Chege wrote


Bram Madahana; Aiih kwani huu mzae alikamata sabina hivyo yawah. Nyw RIP J. DeMathew

Tower_of.Babel; ckujua sabina pia is this romantic

Eric msv; Kwani huyu mama alitoa toa tint asking for a friend

Mùicakamùyù; Kenyans need to know that Sabina Chege was already a household name over 15\20 years ago. She has build and earned her profile. Some people slandering her just heard of her the other day. Let her be! I enjoyed her shows at@kameme101them days.

dantorish; Sabina Chege alikuwa mpango Wa kando Wa De-Mathews, so nothing wrong with that and guys should bash her for that.
My Me
@restricteDesire; So Sabina Chege appeared in John De Mathew Njata ya kwa … and the only place I have ever seen my woman rep appear is kwa advertisement ya pimple herbs,, tulikosea wapi mungu,, #RIPJohnDeMathew you were an inspiration to beauty

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