(Video) Sonko’s bodyguard caught in viral video with Spanish made automatic weapon

An officer assigned to provide security to Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has been caught in a video that has since gone viral carrying an automatic weapon when the governor made an impromptu visit to st. Catherine primary school after allegations of land grabbing emerged.

The governor who commands a string of bodyguards from the GSU VIP protection unit had received intelligence reports that the school’s playground had been grabbed by a local businessman. During the impromptu visit, one of the cameramen is heard telling the officer to hide the weapon from being seen by the camera. Unfortunately, the camera turned and the officer was captured holding a Spanish made CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 airsoft rifle before he tried to hide it behind his back.

The riffle is part of the newly acquired sophisticated weapons that police were issued with to fight crime in the latest move to modernise the country’s security agencies.

In 2015 Police took stern action against officers assigned to provide security to the former Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko for committing a criminal offence after they were captured on camera brandishing their weapons in public while dressed in civilian clothes. The then acting inspector general of police Samuel Arachi had ordered the immediate disarmament of Sonko’s security detail following the dramatic incident at the Lee funeral. Security analysts had warned that if untamed, the mishandling of firearms in public by licensed gun holders could lead to a state of lawlessness.

Here is the video:


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