Why do Kenyan Ladies opt to run when things tough in a relationship?

We’ve all had similar experiences or atleast know of some ladies who have had such experiences. It’s an all too familiar story.

You date this one guy then you have sex with him. After sometime you have an argument an instead of solving it, you send the dude that’s been disturbing you on WhatsApp a text to ease your pain.

He makes you smile once and you start planning on dating him. He plays his cards right and you get laid. The very same guy pisses you off, instead of sorting your issues you call  aother guy to ease your pain.

He also puts a smile on your face and you get laid again. This cycle goes on and on because you think you are too beautiful to beg a man. No wonder most of the ladies are single but they’ve slept with lots of niggas. They can’t face challenges and always want the easy way out when shit gets real. .

Relationships ain’t soap operas where everything is lovey dovey everyday. When it gets tough,swallow your pride and resolve it. Instead of looking for the next available dick to ease your pain. Or what do you think?

This question was posed to Kenyan Facebookers who gave their opinions on the matter. Check out some of them.


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