Sonko Exposes Prominent Dead Beats Setting Social Media Ablaze

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Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has set social media on fire after announcing a shocking number of prominent government officials who take advantage of young girls, impregnate them, and dump them. He vowed to expose them.

Taking to social media, Sonko said that he has been receiving calls from a number of women who claimed that they had babies with top government officials yet they struggle to raise the babies solely.

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Here is what Mike Sonko says;

After receiving numerous complaints from women investigations now reveal that 3 Cabinet Secretaries, 4 Principal Secretaries, 7 Governors, 2 Presidential candidates ( one major front runner), 26MP’s, 9 Senators, 22 MCAs and 8 prominent businessmen have been implicated in impregnanting slay queens and refused to take responsibilities of their babies.

Sonko continued to say that he has hard evidence in the form of videos, calls, WhatsApp chats, and messages which he will ensure they are put in newspapers for everyone to see.

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Dossier including evidence (sms,6 WhatsApp,photos, video and audio recordings) loading and will soon be published in the newspapers advertiser’s feature and Mike Sonko’s TV on this page.In a number of cases, we men are carelessly doing “bad manners” with our girlfriends without protection and even testing for HIV. Also in almost all the cases a few months after enjoying doing bad manners we send money to our girlfriends convincing them to abbort.

One prominent Presidential, 2 Mps, 2 Governors and a prominent businessman have done this more than 3 times with different girlfriends. Other politicians, senior civil servants and businessmen intimidate their girlfriends with even death threats for them not to be exposed.We are in the final process of hiring advocates for all the affected victims so that those implicated can be compelled by the courts to take DNA tests.

The expose’ comes weeks after the governor exposed the late Ken Okoth’s second wife and the child.

Sonko’s post attracted much attention from people as many came lauding him for the bold move he has taken to defend the manipulated women and rejected babies.

See Reactions;

Helson Ongeso; You have my support HE Mike Sonko. Those of us who came to existence out of mipango ya kando need to regroup to fight for the innocent who are coming through mafisi. Hint this to your friend Hon. Simon Mbugua who is our brother in existence

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Cedrick Nyikuli; Mimi am waiting for premier of season 1 episode 1..that trailer ni moto wakuotea mbali.. It has everything (fiction, drama, thriller, animation and comedy) …

Jim Thanos Jizzy This nigga brave. But he’ll be creating lots of enemies in the long run and I wonder how he’ll operate with all those enemies

DU DU As far as we adore and respect you mhesh, truth be told utu tufala uendea pesa, sometimes let us not sympathize with them. PAYE applies here

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Claire Twigy Xander If this is how kind you are at Governor position,then you will be superb if granted State house highest office;am sure Kenya will be organised in all sectors then! Africa and the world will protest if your name misses out on the ballot #2022

Stanislaus Maundu Mathias Expose even the cocks which do the same to t hen.wanaacha chicken zikilia “mia mia mia mia mia…..” hii wimbo ya chicken lazima iishe

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