Size 8 Faces Backlash After Revealing Her Desire To Collaborate With Willy Paul

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After defending Hope Kid and DK Kwenye Beat on their threesome scandal, Gospel songstress, Size 8 stood up for Willy Paul saying that she would do a gospel collaboration with him.

Size 8 and Willy Paul collaborated in the past in  Tiga Wana and Tam Tam songs. This was before Willy Paul made a drastic turn and joined the secular industry which size 8 had left.

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Speaking to Alex Mwakideu and Jalang’oo on Milele RadioFM #Milelefridayconcert, Size 8 revealed that despite the fact that Willy Paul is no longer doing gospel songs, she loves him and she can do a collabo with him. She added that Willy Paul is her good friend.

Willy Paul is a good friend of mine. I would still do a collaboration with him. Tunaweza toa gospel ingine moto sana!

She said

The words of Size 8 received a lot of negativity from people as many came trolling her for supporting unbecoming behavior among gospel artistes in the name of love and forgiveness.


Murgoh Ndege
@Milele_FM Who appointed this lady the sanitizer of dirty people? We saw her defending the two gentlemen who took advantage of a young girl and gave her herpes… She should fear God.

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Mtetezi Wa Bunju.
@Milele_FM She is also already out of her senses

Ni vile ata wewe hakuna Gospel unaimba hapo.

Hio haitaitwa gospel… May be a secular version of “GOSPEL”

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Naona ukilambwa nyonyo wewe

@Size8reborn… do you approve of his current style of music as a gospel artist. Are we still reading from the same page?

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