Nyeri MP Under Fire over ‘Inciting’ Remarks

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Nyeri Town MP Hon Ngunjiri Wambugu. He has been on the forefront opposing William Ruto’s 2022 Presidential Bid. Photo/File

Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu has found himself once again brushing shoulders with a section of social media users after posting what many termed as inciting remarks.

Through his Facebook account, the first time legislator who is also a co-founder of Kieleweke team which opposes DP William Ruto’s 2022 bid  posted two videos, one belonging to a woman being roughed up by police for disrupting Inua Mama Team’s meeting in Kirinyaga with the other video showing a section of women shouting down a leader who is perceived to be affiliated to Kieleweke movement.

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Inua Mama Team in Kirinyaga county. Photo/Courtesy

In the first video, Wambugu questioned why the woman who was against the Inua Mama’s agenda was roughed up by police while those who jeered a leader suspected to be of Kieleweke movement were not disrupted by police.

Some police officers in Nyeri want to tell us it’s okay to do this … 👇🏿 …

But if you do this you get arrested …Said Ngunjiri in his two posts that caused some sharp reactions online

Wambugu’s post immediately elicited mixed reactions online with a large number of users accusing the vocal MP of sponsoring some women to disrupt Inua Mama Team’s function in Kirinyaga county.

The woman in the video is heard shouting while warning Inua Mama team against talking ill of the handshake saying the region belonged to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Many users rebuked  Hon Ngunjiri for lacking good leadership qualities with others asking how much the leader had paid his goons who were all over shouting Uhuru’s name. Interestingly many of those who criticized Wambugu heavily are coming from his Mt. Kenya backyard.

Here are some comments from Facebook;

Mwangi Ndirangu Ruto is a brand in this great Republic. Endelea Kuweleweka I totally lost my vote on you. 2022 is loading and I won’t get tired voting you out.

Isaiah Rotich I wish I could live in an era where a Luo is Free to hold a political meeting in interior Rift Valley, Kalenjin be free to do the same in Kisumu city centre and Kikuyu anywhere countrywide

Kikuyus is probably the most widely spread throughout Kenya, with huge investments all over meaning in an event of lawlessness like 2007 it becomes the most affected as it has been before! Considering this fact I expect a Kikuyu leader like Ngunjiri to be leading in advocating for civilized political methodology which guarantee freedom of speech, Expression, movement etc

NB the peace agreement btn kalenjins and Kikuyus is there to stay regardless of Kikuyus presidential choice… I even wish to see Ruto being defeated in 2022 for Malevolent leader like Ngunjiri to realize that peace is independent on politics

Matheri Ann You are slowly turning Nyeri town to Western Kenya, you are not a good leader. You preach hate and turn people against other tribes, you are so tribal it’s such a pity. In 2019 when others are working you are still scrutinizing the 2022 politics??

Daniel Ndathe She should not disrupt a rally because she supports Uhuru. She should organize her own rally and shout all the names she wants including wamlabez or whatever

Alex Gitao Utajua hujui. If you are looking for MT Kenya kingpin seat, then you are lost.

Kaangina David You are war mongers from nyeri you must stop this harted between the people.shout Ruto in nyeri isn’t a big deal.lt a signal nyeri people are hustler people .It’s you send goons to shout uhuru.wisdom is you cousin

Daniel Muiru Njoroge i hate this mount Kenya politician instead if working for the society now they are devided by 2022 politics sijui kieleweke nothing good can come from you people but God will fight for the poor mwananchi



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