Ladies, here’s what Kenyan men look forward to when they propose

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When privileged to hold a conversation with a younger woman, her perspective of life will surely not match with a version of her older self. As time goes by, she gets exposed to life and understands it way differently, shaping her ideologies a new, and influencing her views about men. Society has put so much pressure on ladies everyone telling women what to do so as to get a steady and happy marriage.

Forgetting that relationships and partners are different across the globe, there is certainly no formula for getting into a marriage. Sadly, one of the problems that society has refused to look in the face and solve is failing to teach men to respect women and making women look inherently guilty for everything.

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There is one key thing every woman looks forward from marriage, and to the man, she plans to get married to. A lady yearns to get loved by her man unconditionally even at her worst moments. It’s the dream of every woman to get married to a man that will forever take the bigger step and see their love flourish.

After the dating and courtship stage; that is at the stage when a man and a woman have agreed to get married, there are certain expectations the woman has getting into that marriage. So what do men expect from ladies while marrying them?

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