Is this what being a straight woman in Kenya has come to?


The recent event in the Kenyan social scene has so far been taken over by one particular group of people; Homosexuals. Be it Gays or Lesbians, the dating scene has changed forever, as now everywhere you look you will not miss a gay couple near you. It was just weeks ago when the Kenyan social media was set ablaze by a viral video of two lesbian young girls who got engaged to tie the knot in front of a group of witnesses and showed off their new love.  In the video, one of them is seen getting on one knee and putting a ring on her girlfriend/wife. The crowd cheered when they made themselves official and even sealed their love with a passionate kiss.


This event caught the attention of many who expressed their many mixed emotions on the matter. Soon after the video went viral, a pair of gay men also caught the internet’s attention when they also proposed to each other. Soon after a trail of one-sex couples decided to “come out of the closet” which led many Kenyans to wonder what was going on.

One Tweep even shared her thoughts on what it means to be a straight person specifically a woman in today’s society.

Other Netizens reacted to the tweet expressing their thoughts on the matter.


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