#TBT: Kenyans remind themselves of Childhood memories

Talk to any Kenyan child and they will tell you stories about different households in different timelines but the parents are the same every time. It’s like they all went to the same school to learn how to discipline you. You will not make a mistake in an Kenyan  home and not go through various styles of discipline.

We love our Kenyan moms, they are a hilarious lot and make our lives that much more colourful. Tell us in the comments, the mind boggling punishments that your Kenyan mom gave you as a kid.

One of the most fond memories being those where we were made to wipe the glass for the oil lantern and what would happen if we broke it. Recently a Facebooker reminded everyone of that memory and Kenyans came out to recite their memories of the incident. Check out some of their responses.

Nani Aliwahi Kupanguza Hii Glass Akaivunja 😝😛😜

Posted by Anyona Vincent on Wednesday, 14 August 2019


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