President Uhuru Gazettes Reinstatement of judge Jackton Ojwang

President Uhuru Kenyatta.PHOTO/COURTESY

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday gazetted the reinstatement of the Supreme Court judge Jackton Ojwang after 7 bench tribunal appointed to investigate his conduct declared him innocent.

Justice Ojwang, in a petition filed before the Judicial Service Commission, is alleged to have benefited from the construction of a road leading to his rural house in Migori County.

The petition, filed by one Nelson Oduor Onyango and 8 others, cited grounds of misconduct, impropriety, conflict of interest and breach of judicial code of conduct for the removal of Ojwang.

Supreme Court judge Jackton Ojwan.PHOTO/COURTESY

This is after he issued a favourable ruling in a Sony Sugar belt case that Governor Okoth Obado supposedly had interests in.

However, in the findings of the tribunal, there was no enough evidence presented against Justice Ojwang’ to convict him guilty of the charges that would have warranted his removal from the bench.

The judge was therefore declared innocent of all the four allegations levelled against him.

Uhuru’s reinstatement meant that he will now be able to receive full benefits given to a supreme court among them his full remuneration.

Judges suspended under Article 168 (5) are entitled to half the remuneration benefits payable to them pending determination of their fate by tribunal.

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