Flowers vs Gifts: What do Kenyan women prefer?

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Most relationships fail simply because someone isnโ€™t doing enough. But one could be putting some effort and it’s not being appreciated. Even the tiny things that are often ignored like sharing a laugh or regular communication can go a long way.

Most men are often to blame when a relationship lacks the spice it needs to stay alive, and that is because most men lack the quality of being romantic. They can do anything to get a girl, but the moment sheโ€™s in their nest, they switch off their romance buttons.

Image result for black man giving his lady flowers
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Millennials have been setting standards too high and possibly why most people are not engaging in relationships. Nobody wants to give, all they desire is to have an easy way out and just like a parasite, take the most they can from their partner living them for dead. Most men would say they would rather give their women flowers and some would offer gifts. So what do African ladies prefer the most?

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