Uproar as Kamba community dominates National Exams Council

Photo: Student being frisked during the National Exams session/courtesy

Kamba community has the highest numbers of employees at the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC).

A document by the examination body tabled before the National Assembly’s Cohesion and Equal Opportunity committee revealed that Kamba accounts for 22 % of the total workforce which is equivalent to 75 employees.


The Kikuyu comes second at 21%. Others are Luhya at 17 per cent, Luo (10.58 per cent), Kisii (5.53 per cent) while Meru has a total of 5.53 per cent of employees at the body.

And in its new recruitment, Kikuyu was the highest at 45 recruits followed by Kamba at 29. Luhya has 28, Luo 27, Kalenjin 22, Kisii 16 while Embu has 9 new employees.

The seven tribes have cumulatively grabbed 306 positions, leaving a paltry 35 posts to the over 30 other communities.

This has sparked a lot of reactions online. With most people stating other state agencies that have done the same thing as KNEC.

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