Mbona Morgan Amerarukiwa? Bahati Trolled for Sidelining Adopted Son


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Being a celebrity is not a walk in the park because hawk-eyed fans will always find reasons to criticize and troll celebrities. This is has been the case with gospel artiste Kelvin Bahati who has been moving from trouble to trouble with fans for some reasons.

Before critics about him wearing sagged pants cooled down,  Bahati has been brought to the spotlight again for neglecting his adopted son Morgan Bahati.

This came after Bahati shared a picture of himself, and the mother who adopted him, paying a visit to Morgan at his school.

As usual hawk-eyed Netizens could see the torn collar of Morgans shirt, and the Kind of school that Morgan goes. They angrily reacted accusing Bahati of treating Morgan differently from his own blood.


Nunulia Morgan shati nzuri ya shule. Can’t you see hio imeisha kwa collar. A celeb like you should be avoiding such embarrasment


This so crappy…. Why always mention the adoption thing. He si your son ama I see u have plans of reminding him the rest of his life he is adopted move on you didn’t do it for PR


Am not here to criticize you…buh how dare you allow Morgan to wear torn school shirt nd an’t you ashamed parading him on international TV ? Nd hope also ua daughter il study the same schl with her brother .


@ayitsoanneAta kama hiyo ilikuwa enzi yetu… bearing in mind its who’s adopted son we’re talking bout here . Nooohhh its very wrong,,, seems Morgan takes care of himself in that house


Hii pesa yote unayo mtoto asome kwa shule ya mabati surely.will heaven go to that kimd of skul also.


So your kid is in such a school with all those riches…si kwa ubaya


Wah…..I thought Morgan and Mueni were in an international School??? But that shirt 🤔🤔🤔 ….eiiishh….I


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