Gladys Wanga in trouble as her under-age campaigner uses sensitive language to wow voters

Photo: Homabay County MP Gladys Wanga/courtesy

Homabay County MP Gladys Wanga has received sharp criticisms for employing an under-age boy to advance her 2022 political ambitions.

The teen speaking in the dhuluo language, uses sensitive language appealing to sexual orientation of women to convince the residents that Gladys Wanga is the best choice for the people of Homabay.

He goes ahead to state that women are the only people who keep promises.

“i am stanley Okoth, a beautiful woman’s son..i beg you that when 2022 comes please remember what happened to you on this day time n right now the world is digital who ever u r given is the one u give. I here u say if a woman promises she delivers…. These men have belittled u for a long time. They say women are more than men in numbers, when 2022 comes come out in salvation and show them u r more than them truly but only with votes,” he stated.

This has attracted a lot of reactions from the online community. Gladys Wanga is expected to vie for a top county job in 2022 has been accused of misusing the teenage boy which is against the law.

Some other people on twitter have argued that the boy was appealing to the sex desires when he stated that ‘ if a woman promises she delivers.’ This has raised the question of morality among the children with most of the people blaming the kids behavior to Gladys Wanga.


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