Lilian Muli Trolled Over Publicly Asking For Babu Owino’s Photos

Netizens trolled Citizen’sTV girl; Lilian Muli over publicly asking Hon. Babu Owino for a photo on social media. The uproar was sparked when the Embakasi East MP shared an old days picture of himself citing that his life has been a journey.

Here is the picture!

Instagram: Babu Owino

Tumetoka mbali,But God is great

The lawmaker captioned the photo.

After Babu Owino shared the picture, Lilian Muli reacted by writing:


Now why didn’t you give me this photo?

In response, the lawmaker responded telling her he will send them next time citing that his mother had sent them the same day.


@lilmulimum sent them today,next time🤪

The public conversation between Babu Owino and Lilian Muli sparked weird reactions from their followers as some came suggesting that Lilian could have done a phone call to make the request instead of asking for it over social media.

Others went back to archives reminding him of old speculations that Babu was the father of her last born.

Instagran; Lilian Muli’s son and Baby Daddy


@lilmuli mngepigania simu njo tusijue mnaombana picha😣


@lilmuli mbona unataka hio foto😂,huyo mtoi hua anafanana na huyu kijana babu kabisa,,sijui mbona,but let me mind my business


@he.babuowino Mhesh uko na heshima…vile umejibu Lilian Muli.

Others came defending Lilian arguing that she was requesting the photo for production purposes but not for personal use as many people speculated.


@nobertoezjnr do you watch any current events? TV au kitu kama hiyo?


@nobertoezjnr purpose of this was for tv production for @lilmuli news i guess not on personal part


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