Hit The Gym! Kamene Goro’s Comeback to Body Shaming Goes Wrong

Instagram: Kamene Goro

Outspoken Radio Girl Kamene Goro was body-shamed after flaunting her ‘booty’ calling it a business class type of ‘ass’.

Taking to social media Kamene shared a controversial picture revealing her butts with captions;

 ‘this is a business class A*S”

Netizens did not spare her as they came out in large numbers telling her that her body was out of proportion and she was too huge for her age. Others encouraged her to hit the gym.

In one of her photos one fan reacted by telling her to lift weights since her arms were sagging;


I have seen the sagging arms… Gym is calling…weight lifting make that skin tight etc

The fan wrote.

After much body shaming Kamene Goro took to social media and hit back on the body shamers and haters claiming that she is happy an having fun.

As the Shamers come here to call me fat and tell me to go to the gym….🤣🤣🤣
I just want you all to remember to live and love every moment, pack yourself full of love, drive and ATTITUDE, your biggest cheerleader is YOU!
However, obstinate fans would not hear any of her pep talks. They trolled her telling her she is actually fat, and that she should stop consoling herself.
Instagram: Kamene Goro


Enda gym wewe wacha kujiconsole😂😂you’re fat, you’re fat


Enda gym acha story mingi


lakini itikia tu kuenda gym😂😂


If being called fat disturbs you that much of which btw you are, then go to the gym not to the beach..


Huddah body is much better than yours. “Even if she doesnt know how to speak English “)


sawa..enda gym sasa…hizo mapaja wamlambezi ziiii




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