Miguna Miguna: Uhuru unleashed computer hackers to hijack IEBC Servers

Photo: President Uhuru Kenyatta /courtesy

This week marked 2 years since the disputed 2017 elections. A lot has happened since then, Raila Odinga refused to contest in the repeat elections and was subsequently sworn in as The People’s President. In a dramatic twist of events, he is now regarded as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s most trusted political ally.

Despite all these, controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna, who was unceremoniously deported to Canada after swearing Raila has maintained that Uhuru and Jubilee rigged the elections.

According to the self-proclaimed NRM General, Uhuru unleashed computer hackers to hijack the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) servers. They manipulated numbers which compelled IEBC to declare him as a winner.

“2 years ago Despot Uhuru Kenyatta unleashed computer hackers to hijack IEBC server and KIEMS kits. They posted doctored figures and had himself declared “duly elected.” When Kenyans rose up against the fraud, he murdered them. We demand SUBSTANTIVE and electoral justice,” Miguna stated.

Raila accused IEBC of announcing what he described as “fraud.” Odinga, who was accompanied by his running mate Kalonzo Musyoka and other NASA leaders, claimed that the results released by IEBC were doctored.

According to Odinga, hackers had manipulated the IEBC servers to give Uhuru a constant 11 per cent lead over the opposition candidate.

It is for this reason that the Supreme Court nullified the Presidential election calling for a repeat election which NASA refused to participate.

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