When I move you move? How Kenyan queues infringe your personal space

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Kenyan in a queue, Photo: Courtesy

Whether in a matatu or in a Huduma Namba line, or queuing for payment at a supermarket, Kenyans certainly don’t care about personal space. Everybody has space, or a protective invisible bubble around their body to keep themselves safe from unwanted intrusions. To some people, this is very important but Kenyans don’t seem to resonate with it.

The most annoying thing about the intrusion of personal space is feeling somebody’s deep breaths behind your neck. Whether it’s a voting line, one should create space for the other person to turn freely. Kenyans should learn even when having a conversation, the breathing space should be respected, so as to create room for speaking without making the other person feel as though you will devour on their lips the next minute.


Here are Kenyans views on the same:


Have you had a personal space invation in Kenya? How was your experience?

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