Netizens React Emotionally After Girls Cry on TV Over Absent Dads

On Wednesday night, Citizen TV’s top news anchor Jeff Koinange hosted three beautiful Kenyan girls, talented in different fields. These were songstress Leyla Mohammed, Gymnast Wendy Waeni and the funny youngest Kenya’s climate change ambassador, Ellyanne Githae.

One thing that stood out among these girls was that they are working towards a better future despite the fact that they were all abandoned by their dads.

After speaking about their career, struggles, and talent, Jeff asked them about their fathers and whether they had ideas about their biological fathers.

Wendy waeni and Ellyanne Githae, while sobbing, narrated sad stories about their dead beat dads. However, Leyla Mohammed refused to focus on the negative side of the story.

She said that her Dad’s exit from her life gave her an opportunity to be the head of the family at the age of 14, and she was proud of it!

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Image Courtesy: Leyla Mohammed

If you don’t know who Leyla Mohammed is, she is one girl who moved President Uhuru Kenyatta with a sensational  Enock Ondego’s Wimbo wa Historia’ cover during 2018 Mashujaa Day celebrations at Bukhungu Stadium in Kakamega County.

Wendy Waeni and Ellyanne shed tears as they narrated how their painful experiences they had without father figures.

Finally, Ellyanne had gathered courage and encourage young people going through challenges broken families to focus on their passions and ignore family issues.

The case of absent fathers in the lives of the girls evoked emotional reactions from netizens as many of them came trolling dead beats.

Absent father’s are busy singing wamlambez 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭,shame on such men and hope all this girls succeed in life
My kid watched this,,he cried and ask… mom so am not the only fatherless kid….😭😭😭 ……this made me shed tears all night.
I never thought a grown African tribesman like me can cry after watching a TV interview. I just tucked my daughter to bed again…just to make sure she understands I’m there for her…no matter what!
I don’t know how my daughter feels when she sees her father who don’t care about her am far my princess because of you may God bless you my Blessings.
Am crying as I watch this. Young girls take heart.
This is heartbreaking. Kudos to Jeff for consoling/hugging these kids .It matters greatly.
I can relate to this girl’s I was also raised by a single Mum and I love her to death. I call her everyday to check on her .Now that I am older I fear Men,I fear being in a relationship and sometimes its hard when am going through some stuff I can’t tell my Mum coz she will be stressed out and telling friends they will Judge me.I wish this cute little sisters of mine all the best and God will see you through… Cheers.
Aki I cried when I watched it live,,,,am watching it hear and crying again ,,,,,coz I feel what the girls are going through,,,,,,,😭😭😭😭😭
Today I broke down before even watched this has I remembered how absence my parents where to me but thank God who fixed me and it’s now in the past and it’s testimony and am going to be the present mom I can be to my kids. My mum struggled alot and I appreciate her absence because she was doing the best to put food , clothes, fees in my life.

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