KOT React After Edwin Sifuna exposes Wendy Waeni’s Ex Manager

ODM secretary-general Edwin Sifuna revealed the real picture of how the embattled con Joe Mwangi used to siphon money illegally from one 12-year-old gymnast Wendy Waeni while he was her manager.

According to him, Joe would ask for donors to pay money into his account instead of Wendy’s.

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Image Courtesy; Wendy Waeni

This comes after Wendy went public on  Live TV and exposed how her-ex manager extorted all her earnings, controlled all social media account in her name and left her wallowing in poverty.

Taking to social media, Edwin explained how Mwangi approached him and tried to convince him to direct money which was meant for Wendy into his account instead.

I don’t know about child trafficking but one time Wendy came to Orange house and we cut a cheque for her foundation to buy some play stuff. Weeks later Joe Mwangi came asking us to change it and write the cheque in his name. I cancelled the whole thing.

Sifuna wrote and tagged Lawyer Donald B Kipkorir

Instagram; Edwin Sifuna meeting Wendy Waeni

Since KOT has been angered by the story of Joe, Edwin Sifuna’s post caused a frenzy as netizens tore Mr.Mwangi from limb to limb with all manner of trolls.

Stiv Kopana
should’ve been arrested like yesterday.

Mwamedi Onyango
That Joe Mwangi guy should be cremated alive pale 👉 Kariokor crematorium…

What does their contract entail? This Joe Mwangi is dangerous!

yusuf sanga
You did the right thing, the guy is heartless

busted bad boy GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

mwita john

what about the cheque from Orange House that@edwinsifunacancelled after you wanted it written in your name and not Wendy’s foundation.doesnt it confirms you are a Cornish??.

Brian Audi™
We want you to trick this Joe Mwangi akuje orange house, Akifika ashikwe apelekwe pale Crematorium achomwe. I know you understand the whole cremation process.
This Joe Mwangi has no heart nor human feelings. How dare u misuse a child.
Dan Mwanzia🇰🇪
Joe Mwangi is a con artist. His ego is dealing him a big loss.
episode 1 police GIF by BBC
Mutichilo Mike
This would have raised a red flag and got you guys to question more than just a cheque but you didn’t.
We should be vigilant we have so many thugs in this country it’s our duty to protect these minors and each other.

Paul Davies
And the dude is all over twitter telling us nonsense… Anafaa afinywe ma…

arrested stone cold GIF by WWE

Alex Monayo
The young girl could have been held hostage by Monster Joe Mwangi through threats for a very long time DCI must move in fast and establish the whole truth some people are so heartless.

robert kiponda
And this guy need to be brought to books of justice, it is very unjust to that young vibrant and talented girl

Sam Gakubia
This Joe Mwangi appears to be a big con; he should be behind bars by now

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