Kenyans Reject MP’s Suggestions to Create Position For a Diaspora MP

Saboti MP Caleb Amisi. He now wants the Building Bridges Initiative to create the position of a diaspora member of Parliament to help Kenyans livings abroad. Photo/File

Kenyans have joined hands to reject Saboti MP Caleb Amisi’s suggestions to have Building BridgesInitiative (BBI) create the position of a diaspora member of Parliament.

In his statement, Amisi who is also a patron of Youth for Building Bridges Initiative said the diaspora MP will help address issues such as visas, consular services, forced labour and kidnapping for Kenyans who are living in the diaspora.

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MPs endless demands are adding more heavy burdens on the already tired Kenyans. Photo/File

Citing countries like France, Iraq, Algeria, Cape Verde, South Africa and Mozambique which all have diaspora MPs, Amisi said that a large number of Kenyans living in the USA, United Kingdom, Canda and South Africa needs representations as well.

His sentiments didn’t go down with a larger section of social media users with many terming his remarks as ‘useless’ and senseless coming at a time the country is trying to shed off some burdens through the Punguza Mzigo Initiative.

Here are reactions from angry Kenyans who took to the internet to curse the legislator;

Salamba Benjamin This BBI is a scam as a Kenyan am waiting to cast my no I think pungunguza mzigo makes alot of sense to me

Ruth Waweru Diaspora cannot be so lucky to eat their cake and have it at the same time. Hapa PUNGUZA MZIGO  ONGEZA MZIGO  in other words diaspora sponsor one or two candidates here who will be lobbying for your issues.

Griffin Otieno Hatutaki mzigo… We already have ambassadors who look after the welfare of Kenyans in the borders they are sent 

Nyaoro KaNyaoro So one of the roles of BBI is to create positions?? BBI is unconstitutional, I repeat, BBI is unconstitutional. I support handshake for it has brought peace, but BBI has ‘come too much’.

Jotham Owa Wekesa We want to reduce the number of political parliamentary seats na shenzi type want kuongeza mzigo …’s high time Kenya to go the Sudan way…….. civil rebellion is the way…. sienji 😜

Geoff Ba’mkubwa Luyuku You see! Now we will be asked to ensure even animals get a rep in parliament. Yaani ongeza Mzigo

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