Bonfire Adventures CEO gifts Uber’s good Samaritan luxurious free trip


A woman by the name of Evelyne has been graciously awarded by Bonfires adventures boss Simon Kabu after the bravery she showed in assisting another lady give birth in an uber on Wednesday. The lady made news headlines after she gave birth in the car outside Nation center in Nairobi.


After delivery, the woman and her newborn were taken to at Meridian Hospital before they were transferred to Nairobi West Hospital. Simon Kabu has since been on the hunt for the brave helpers.

Simon Kabu used his platform and business Bonfire adventures to gift Evelyne a 3days fully paid flying holiday to Mombasa and at the same time will pay next school fees for her daughter who’s in High school.

Netizens applauded the CEO for recognizing the woman’s effort. Check out their reactions below:


Mom’s are the best,, hawezi sahau kama ako na mtoi shule unlike mwanaume ata hangekumbuka โค๏ธ##barakaย tele kabu


Mums mum’s mus yaani Kwanza anafikiria very fast bout her child’s school fees God bless you


God bless you sir for always being on the front in celebrating our heroes ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


@kabusimonย God bless you,Sarah,Austin and’s only God who will reward you… time plz unipee ata mimi hiyo holiday๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข


God bless youย @bonfireadventuresย @kabusimon,see women with hearts of gold,badala ya holiday she wants her child to be educated, mothers can sacrifice lots of things!God bless all mothers!


Give the kababy diapers for6 months or 1 year..๐Ÿ˜


I want to tag my dad his not on Instagram but my mom had an accident last year I tree branch fell on her head and hit her real hard and she could feed herself or even lift her self from bed but my dad stood by her in ways i never thot possible never left her side for a day until she could move about thatโ€™s my experience of a hero.


I think I know the woman who helped with the delivery, she also did an outstanding job and went out of her way knowing that she is not a professional in that sector.


God blessings upon everyone who did something to help


Wow!am happy if this happened in our Kenya.good deeds should be rewarded handsomely.those two good samaritans should receive a nice cheque.for the mom n baby gift humper for both

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