Hilarious reactions as Kenyans reveal their struggles from Posho Mills

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A posho mill, Image/Courtesy

Posho mills are still valued in most parts of Kenya. It’s so intriguing that even when we experienced a political storm, or any vandalism our true identities and undying love for ugali can easily be identified. For example, the disputed presidential elections in August 2017 when rowdy youth torched people’s properties like shops; posho mills were left untouched.

In case you are not in the know, Kenyans love some Ugali, being a staple food here, it’s expected that most rural areas have a posho mill. People love their flour in a high fibre, thus the existence of these mills. The most fascinating thing about having a posho mill is you cannot go hungry because the price of posho maize meal is affordable.

Posho Mill Photo: Courtesy

Some people, however, are always irritated with the noise. The noise pollution that robs people of their sleep.

โ€œThese ngongoros make a lot of noise and sleeping at night is a problem. But we have gotten used to it. Children are the most affected. Imagine the inconvenience of a posho mill next to your house. You canโ€™t even have a decent conversation at home. You have to keep shouting.โ€

Below were some hilarious experiences from Kenyans who have interacted with a posho mill.

Ladies holding flour at a posho mill Photo: Twitter

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