Limuru women allegedly in need of Kisii and Luhya men after being sexually starved

Alcoholism is a disease. And I’m not just saying that literally speaking, there are so many ways over-indulging in alcohol can ruin families and people’s lives altogether.  Not only does it lead to acute addiction, which leads to health issues where aside from affecting the person him/ herself, also affects the well being of their family if they have one, as it may lead to other issues such as violence and mismanagement of funds, which ends up being poverty, and they fail to provide for their families in more than one way.

Such can be said about a case in Limuru constituency where women are allegedly up in arms against bar operators.

DEVELOPING STORY Limuru women sexually starved after men become alcoholics.Women in Limuru constituency are up in arms…

Posted by Rooney Njogah on Wednesday, 7 August 2019

The news has garnered mixed reactions from Kenyan Netizens who were quick to chime in.

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