Zari’s Close Friend Blasted For Hanging Out With Tanasha

PHOTO COURTESY Zari and Vera Sididka

Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan and Kenyan beauty queen Vera Sidika were close friends back in 2017 all the way to 2018.

The two were so close such that people complained when Vera failed to show up at Ivan Ssemwang’ as burial in 2017 something that made her tender apologies and her reason for being absent during her friend’s trying moments. The late Ivan was Zari’s first husband with whom they got 3 boys.

Zari and Vera were real girlfriends as they would meet and have fun!  and share the moments to the public through social media platforms.


Look at how Vera confessed how she was going to miss her best friend Zari Hassan when they met after a long time. She even called Zari her sister.


Now, over the weekend, Vera was spotted hanging out with Tanasha who is now Diamond’s lover after he broke up with Zari Hassan.

It is believed that Vera and Tanasha Have been friends for some time since Vera used her photo to market her slimming Veetox product, and this is way before she met Diamomon Platinumz.

PHOTO COURTESY Tanasha’s Image on Veetox
Fans feel that Vera should respect her friendship with Zari by avoiding Tanasha Donna who is dating Zari’s ex-husband. Some speculate that Vera is a fake friend who betrayed her friend Zari.
Here are some of the reactions

Christine Leah

But I thought Vera is Zari’s friend ama😎#

Valentine Kimani Vall

 enemy of a enemy is a friend!

Celestine Ayuko Christine Leah

 yeah and vera herself said they are best friends on the trend heheheheh this friendship tho’

Shuni Abdul; Vera is almost near to her goal,u hope tanasha hides diamond very far

Femmy Bradley; Was zari fighting vera’s war 😂😂😂😂?

Momanyi; Lol ntacheka nikisikia diamond ametouch plastic butt.
Tanasha pole

Ndambuki Patrick Kilonzo; Fake fake fake ladies fake everything,the greetings the am happy for you fake fake I can just see it

Starcy Nana;  Shikwekwe Zari atakumaliza ama umetumwa Tanasha take care nimenda

Stellah-Nancie Kavai;  Lakini Vera ni Yule rafiki wakubetray mtu, so Tanasha us her bff what of Zari.

Doro Elton; Co- wives having fun together.

Mia Jana; Next utamuona tanasha na Akothee zari anacheza na wakenya

Sylvia Sylvia;  Simba alionja plastic na real meat….. … .. ..

Blaize; Vera was once Zari’s she’s booing Tanasha😂😂😂😂katazeni Vera atoke kwa familia ya diamond tafadhali 😞

Missy Candy Kenya;  And I know zari will be mad at vee… 😂😂

Shiro Virginiah;  Zari come and see your bff vera

Celestine Ayuko; Fake friendship

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