The days when Safaricom gifted all of us with free wallets

Kenyan Twitter recently went ablaze with a throwback photo by Safaricom which showed how they used to disburse sim cards to people back in the day, and it’s all nostalgic as people shared their views as well as their own experiences from Safaricom.

This only went to show how far we had come both in technological advancements, and even for Safaricom which has become the biggest Telecommunication company in Kenya and East Africa in general. It didn’t take long for netizens to give in their two cents on th post, with some showcasing more throwbacks of the same, down to the free wallet we all recieved after obtaining a sim card.

One of the most interesting responses was when a netizen pointed out an old advertisement from Safaricom that truly captured the epitome of it all.

Some even went as far as posting the OG of phones, that was considered to be the thing back in the day.



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