Atuambie ukweli ama tuulize Sonko? Joho trolled over cozy video with American Socialite


Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho

From his watches to his signatures glasses, one would be amazed how Governor Joho would look this good, probably he needs to reconsider his career. Joho can swag anything up. From his classy suits to the way he dresses his Kanzu and even his floral shorts when at the beach. It’s not just his clothes but also how he accessories.

Mombasa Governor Joho and American Socialite Paris Hilton Photo: Instargram

In a recent post, Joho had taken a vacation to Beverly hills and he seems to be having a good time with the famous Hollywood’s socialite Paris hilton.


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Joho meets with American socialite, television personality, model and singer Paris Hilton.

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The video that has since been making rounds on social media, has had Kenyans talking and they cannot let him be. Below were some reactions.

Governor Joho and Paris Hilton Photo: Instagram

Kryzee Fatal The only workin gafana in 254,kukagua wamlambez uko juu.honestly coastal pple dnt expect miracles.instead of him being dar coz of wat happened yesterday to find a solution.
Sura Mbili When he comes back he will start mentioning ruto n while he is slaying his pple in Mombasa are being slashed by a criminal gang,angalieni tu a serious leader will have already issued a statement from wherever he is but huyu anatafuta unga aje auzie vijana ndio wawachinje sawasawa,shauri yenu mulichagua mpuuzi.

Could Joho have used Mombasa county bassary to fund his lavish lifestyle?

George Amaru Kenyan taxes paying for his trips .While others are being slaughtered…This is Kenya where the poor will die poor and where the rich will become richer….I thought vera was a socialite this one wears the cap


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