Being the other woman! Kenyans divided over ‘Mpango wa Kando’ rights

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The Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Sunday stroked a new controversy. He brought yet again another incident threatening to expose prominent deadbeat fathers. Sonko has called on women with children born out of wedlock with politicians and other prominent personalities in the society to consult him for a landmark expose.

It’s sad to note that many women are becoming comfortable being a man’s side chick these days. It makes no sense being a side chick because you will only get the remnants. He will always give his best to his wife or his main girlfriend while you are just there to fill the void. You are just an option for him to fill the void of what he isn’t getting from his main relationship.

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Most men are known to lie about their marital status just so that they can easily have their way with ladies. Not every lady would love to have an affair with a married man, but sometimes men could disguise their marriage just to get that lady.

This is actually unfair and many ladies have entered such relationships unsuspecting. These men could act so sweet and charming, with the lady feeling she’s found her soul mate, only for her hopes to be dashed, and get heartbroken at the end.

What’s the point being in a relationship if the relationship is kept a secret? It makes no sense being in a relationship in which you treat each other as strangers in public but own each other within closed doors. Even though we try to brush it off, we concur that the ‘Other Woman’ exists. In that case, what rights does the ‘Other Woman’ have?

Below are netizens views on this matter.

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