Fena Gitu finally addresses lesbian rumors

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Fena Gitu revealed her sexual preferences to Betty Kyallo. The latest Weekend with Betty edition hosted one of Kenya’s baddest rappers Fena Gitu and while many know her for her outstanding music,what usually comes to mind when they think of her is her sexuality.

This is especially so because Fena Gitu has found herself in quite the predicament where lesbian allegations and scandals are concerned. It was once with Patricia Kihoro and Sharon Mundia, then with the whole Mitchelle Ntalami ‘lesbian’ gang. It’s almost as if wherever a lesbian group is mentioned her name is unlikely to miss.

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Bety popped the question to her and her reply remained the same as it has always been over the years:

It’s no one’s business what you do in your home and I don’t want to feed that. I’m here because I am a musician first

Well there you have it folks, mind your own.


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#FenaGitu Replies To Speculations Regarding Her Sexuality

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Netizens remain unconvinced and claim that they know she plays for the other team. Check out their reactions below:


hakuna kitu kama no ones business …tunajua yeye ni cucumber gang 😂😂


Aende uko she’s lambaring nunu


Whoever she goes to bed with. Should be her no one’s business but hers….watu wapambane na hali zao


😂😂😂😂duuuh nani hajui fena ni cucumber gangstar😂ngoja niwashe kindukulu volume ipandee


Ata akose kusema sonko is handling the investigation rait now so result will be out anytime,,,,so we can know if ur 🍌 banana repeist🏃🏃


Aty ako single sana😂😂😂..Bora uhai


kwanza wewe betty ujichunge.,nimeona akikuangalia kidesign😏😂😂😂😂😂🙌


Apewe peanut


Next tunataka up close with 001 himself ndio atajua hajui


Mm nko hapo kwa food na iyo juice. Mengine staki kujua kabsa.

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