#LegalizeIt: Only weedheads want bhang legalised


This week has seen the craziest campaigns ever. My favourite campaign this week has been #UhuruInJamaica /



Kenyans have a habit of sending friends and relatives going overseas to bring back stuff, so we took the opportunity to send Uhuru for some kush.


Then to make the request more airtight, Kenyan leaders suddenly remember that the late Ken Okoth was pushing to have marijuana legalised. For a good course – to help in cancer treatment.


But let’s be fair; only those who have smoked or are smoking pot would want it legalised. If you haven’t had an encounter with the ‘holy herb’, what do you care? And again, how many of those smoking have been using it for the treatment of cancer? Anyway, reasons notwithstanding, some want it legal, some want it to stay.

As usual, the reactions will floor you. Let’s start with the best, first.


Apparently, forbidden fruit tastes sweetest, so bhang is only appealing because it is illegal. What do you think? Should weed be legal or not?

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