Slayqueens Go Crazy After Kamene Goro Turns Down 100 Million Offer


Outspoken radio Girl Kamene Goro said that she finally solved the puzzle of how some girls lead a lavish lifestyle while they have no paying jobs. However, Kamene said that she is not ready to walk that path.

Recently, Kamene had attacked Huddah Monroe claiming that she must have been doing shady business to finance her expensive lifestyle and tours.

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PHOTO COURTESY Huddah Monroe In a Plane

Taking to social media, Kamene shared a screenshot of a DM she received from a man who was offering her $1 Million(Ksh 100,000,000) to have a temporal relationship with her, which would involve sleeping and traveling with her.

Here is the screenshot of the DM


Photo courtesy Direct Message Screenshot @Kamenegoro INSTAGRAM

In response, Kamene Goro turned down the offer saying that she is not ready for such kinds of deals, and she is ready to work with her hands and pray to earn clean money.

 So I assume this is how some people are operating and surviving….This was my DM this morning…..100 Million shillings is a lot of Money, My God, it’s a shit load of money, but MY GOD IS WORKING SO HARD, BLESSING ME SO MUCH THAT MY $1MILLION IS GOING TO COME FROM THE WORK OF MY HANDS AND HEART. Ladies, let me tell you, anything any man is offering you in exchange for your body, FATHER GOD will give you ten times more from your work! I Promise You!! Refuse! Refuse! Refuse! Mungu is working so hard to make your dreams come true, you don’t need to spread your legs for you to get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. #Work #Pray

Kamene Wrote;

Kamene’s post evoked mixed reactions from her followers and surprisingly most ladies encouraged her to go for the deal!


Chukua hii pesa tupunguze deni ya Mchina😂😂😂


Kamene!Kamene!Kamene!nimekuita mara ngapi???take the money and run.such opportunities come only once


opportunity cames once😂😂


Unajua hio ni shamba kiasi gani North Coast na unakataa waaah 🤣🤣🤣


@kamenegoro , some raw advise? Get on with it after a medical exam but on the 1 condition that he allows you to keep your job. You know why? It’s not like you don’t get fcuked anyway, right? (Forgive my French). But if you’re gonna give it up to someone for enjoyment, for free, why not go the whole hog and enjoy it while cashing in on it? My opinion, no offense.

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