‘We Will Stop Them!’ Kenyans React to Court’s Decision to suspend Punguza Mizigo Debates

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IEBC had said 1.2 million registered voters supported the initiative by the Ekuru Aukot-led Thirdway Alliance party. Photo/File

Kenya’s judiciary has once again found itself on the receiving end from fire spiting Kenyans after the High Court on Tuesday evening temporarily stopped the County Assemblies from debating and approving Ekuru Aukot’s Punguza Mizigo Initiative.

The court further instructed the Senate and County Assemblies not to receive approvals from the counties. The International Economic Center had filed a petition to stop debate on the bill arguing that it was procured through deceit and illegalities since the signatures were not genuine.

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Suba MP John Mbadi, ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna and Party’s leader Raila Odinga. Photo/File

The petition further cited lack of enough quorum by the IEBC Commissioners to pass the initiative. This comes even as Third Way Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot has been crisscrossing the country in a bid to popularize the bill.

On Tuesday, Aukot was in Muranga county assembly to rally the county behind the bill. The bill has already found favour among many Kenyans with nearly all Rift Valley county assemblies already showing support.

But even as their leaders come together to fight the bill, Kenyans who are the majority in the country have vowed to stay put and ensure that the Punguza Mizigo Initiative passes.

Many have termed the plans by greedy politicians through Judiciary to sabotage the Initiative as self-centered and with no good intentions for Kenyans. They have all ganged up to rebuke the High Cout for its decision promising to fight back till the Initiative is passed.

Here are some of the comments from Social Media;


Thaddaeus Ongeri This courts they are conducting their business vice versa and contrary, undermine what meant for good and grants bails where is not applicable when it comes to corrupt individuals. Now we know!

Tonnyen Tonnyen Where did we go wrong as a country.We should embrace bills like punguza mizigo for the benefit of wanjiku,but we have a government arm called judiciary and legislature which is busy advocating for bills which will increase no of legislatures in parliament.This will lead to a bloated wage bill and over taxation of common mwananchi,we are tired of this regime

Replying to   and The Gov’t n BBI Crew are afraid of this unstoppable wave.

Replying to   and 

Sasa ona ujinga😎 hizi courts ndo shida Kenya na orders zao


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