We mwenyewe umeshindwa kujiajiri! Tanzania MP’s Speech on Unemployment Excites Kenyans

A viral video of a Tanzania MP schooling his fellow legislators on the need to create employment for youths has sparked a conversation on social media.

In the video, the MP criticizes his fellow legislators for failing to create employment for themselves while urging the youth straight from school to create jobs for themselves.

Wewe mwenyewe umeshindwa kujiajiri unaomba ubunge hapa, unataka kijana mtaani ajiajiri, loosely translated to, look at you, you failed to employ yourself and had to seek employment from your electorate and you are here telling the youth to look into self-employment,” he remarked.

Netizens have taken to social media to laud the MP for his statement arguing that Kenya’s MPs should borrow a leaf or two from their Tanzanian counterpart.

Recent poll results released by infotrak disclosed that a majority of Kenyans viewed unemployment as thebiggest issue facing the country as of June 2019.

This was a major shift from the results gathered back in December 2018, in which the high cost of living was the biggest issue for Kenyans at the time.

See Kenyans impressive reactions on Tanzanian MP’s speech;







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