Angry South Koreans’ lawsuit against Ronaldo elicits mixed reactions


Fans have identified a problem in today’s football after South Korea fans filed a lawsuit against Cristiano Ronaldo for failing to show up in the match between Juventus and K-League.

The Italian giants continued their pre-season preparations with a lackluster performance in an otherwise thrilling 3-3 draw with the South Korean side in Seoul.

According to reports, Ronaldo was contracted to play for 45 minutes when the friendly match was announced, but he watched it from the sub’s bench.

Fans became angry when he made no signs of even lacing up his boots and have reached the Seoul law firm demanding compensation for their ‘mental anguish.’ This is in accordance with the term of the contract.

And this has sparked an online debate with some claiming that ‘there is wrong with football today’;

Any attempt by Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri to defend the star was thwarted by the South Korean club. Sarri said that Ronaldo did not play due to an injury. This, however, was disputed during a press release.

“If Ronaldo was in danger of sustaining an injury, he shouldn’t have been in the squad. After the kickoff, we consulted a Juve staff. He told us that they’re aware of the contractual obligations, but that Ronaldo won’t play as he’s ‘too tired.'”





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