Kenyans React to Reports of Cancer Causing Pellets in Thermos Flasks

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Research by the Government Chemist has revealed that thermos flasks with asbestos pellets can cause cancer. This has added salt to already painful wounds.

With its simple, appealing appearance Thermos Flasks have remained very important and essential devices for domestic use in every Kenyan household.

Ranging from keeping the tea hot to storing all sorts of hot liquids, thermos flasks are found in almost every Kenyan household.

“Inhaling fibres of asbestos material is toxic and can lead to cancer of the abdomen and asbestosis (cancer of the pleura),” says a report signed by S. G. Njoroge, on behalf of the government chemist.

Following a series of tests on thermos flasks by Mohammed Ibrahim in Garissa on September 21, the report found that the flasks contain Tremolite a type of asbestos, responsible for different types of cancers cases.

“If the asbestos capsules are directly inhaled or get in direct contact with the food, then users are likely to be exposed to cancer triggers,” re-affirms a government official on Tuesday.

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It is these reports by the government chemist that have left many Kenyans wondering how they will survive cancer threats taking into account that nearly all of them have in one time used or are using Thermos Flasks in their households.

Here are some of the reactions from social media sites;

Winstone Odhiambo Aaaai, now when did this research results come out? So literally everything is getting connected to Cancer? Next will be spoons and Sufurias.

Donnex Ransom Relax folks we are all dying, nobody is getting out of here alive. If cancer or HIV doesn’t kill you then a bus have fun while you still can

Cyrus Nyarangi I think we’re being poisoned intentionally. It was rumored that HIV was secretly created purposely for population control but it has now proved to be ineffective. Could they be devising other ways? My personal opinion.

Lawrence Chegeh This is hypocrisy of the highest order! You are telling us now, after all these deaths, Really. No words

Jackson Kissya Even Aluminum utensils and foils are toxic.We should go back to earthware.

Harun Major Harun Everything causes cancer today. I will not be surprised to hear that oxygen causes cancer

Koech Koech No one knows the cause of cancer..I think the thermos should sue you for defamation

Benard Olala Even the food hawked by the road sides, coupled with what we saw taking place in the so called supermarkets. Don’t forget these flasks are imported, so ask yourself who allows these products into the country without raising a finger? All these boils down to corruption which is more cancerous than cancer itself. The government must take the lives of its citizens seriously by making sure those charged with responsibilities in different departments do their work as required of them or they pack & go 




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