Shikilia Kiuno Vizuri! Kenyan ladies reveal everyday struggles with Boda boda riders

A lady riding in a Boda Boda Photo: Courtesy
Using a boda boda on Kenyan streets is an extreme sport. Since their introduction into the Kenyan market, the initial joy of riding in them has never been the same again.Β  Boda boda operators are well known for their basic services, transporting people from one point to another, especially on roads with fewer matatus. Also, people often prefer boda-boda to matatus during pick hours when there is traffic on roads.
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Photo: Courtesy
In a recent revelation, besides the basic services they render to people, boda riders have also become very famous among many women and school girls. It has become so easy for a boda-boda rider to lure his passenger into his love trap. The reverse is also true. The drivers have revealed annoying habits that are turn offs to women. Some have had regrets of getting to know them in the first place, creating fear among young ladies/women.
How was your experience with a Boda boda guy?

It seems ladies have fallen victim of such an incident at least once in their life. Below were some reactions:

Wondering why the Boda Boda guy would do that…

And not only do they just text but will want to keep tabs through various social media platforms.


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