You are on Your own! Supporters Warn ODM over Rejecting Punguza Mzigo Initiative

Orange Democratic Party ODM on Thursday found itself on the receiving end after a large number of its supporters promised to ignore the party’s decision to reject Ekuru Aukot’s Punguza Mzigo Initiative.

Reactions from the angry supporters came on Wednesday after ODM leaders led by Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna dismissed Ekuro Aukot’s initiative which is pushing for constitutional amendments.

ODM party leaders comprising of Siaya Senator James Orengo, Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi, Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo and Alego-Usonga MP Samuel Atandi criticized Aukot’s proposals terming it opportunistic and retrogressive.

Kenyans and mostly ODM supporters who had already embraced the initiative were all up in arms against their decision to reject it terming the leaders as self-centered with their own hidden agendas.

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According to most of those who offered their support for the proposal, Ekuru Aukot’s Initiative already addressed major shortcomings lacking in the current constitution hence should be fully supported by all mindful Kenyans.

The same was echoed by a good number of Jubilee supporters who joined hands with their ODM counterparts and promised to stand by Punguza Mzigo Initiative. They all vowed to fight as one team never to be swayed by greedy politicians who according to them were all advocating for their own interests and not for Kenyans.

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans who vowed to support Punguza Mzigo Initiative and not ODM’s stand;


Zawadi Emmanuel Naibei Does your BBI cover the same. You only fight for selfish interest not considering the common mwanachi plights. What you know is adding the burden. For your info personally despite of supporting Railas initiative i ditch and support the Punguza mzigo

Tom Odhiambo What Kenyans want is a responsible Gov’t which is responsive and accountable to the citizens. ODM should be able to help Kenyans and not preoccupied with fighting status quo in the name of procedures.. Third Party Alliance has taken the carpet under your feet as far as championing change is concerned….Please eat your humble pie and join TPA for a better governable Kenya.

Juma Kumala These are the steps according to the Constitution:
1. Get 1m signatures-done
2. IEBC verifies-done
3. MCAs from at least 24 Counties pass it. Pending. OUR WORK NOW: To reach out to our MCAs for support. If they do not pass it, INAKUFA hivyo. If they pass it,
4. Parliament- we do not need them.Whether they vote it or not, proceed to Senate. 
5. Senate- we do not need them too. Whether they pass it or nor, WANANCHI.
6. WANANCHI in a referendum- Tukirushiwa, it is SLAM DUNK!WE THE PEOPLE GOT THIS!!



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