Rare Four-Legged Chick in Siaya Sparks Online Excitement

A rare four-legged chick from Umala village in Ugunja, Siaya County has sparked excitement among Kenyans after its photos emerged online.

The chick which is being reared at Mr Ezekiel Okoth’s home has kept curious villagers flocking his home to catch a glimpse of the two-day-old chick with an extra pair of limbs.

The chick has two legs in the front with two others dangling from behind. According to Mr. Okoth, the chick was hatched together with other chicks but it’s the only strange one in the clutch.

Daniel Ochieng’ who is Mr. Okoth’s brother said they could not understand the peculiarity because all the eggs were under the same condition during the incubation period.

According to Zoologists, the condition is Polymelia. The condition is a birth defect which causes a creature to have extra limbs which are often deformed.

Even as the people of Siaya continue to wonder, the rare pictures of the chicken online continue causing a stir with Kenyans from different platforms expressing their marvels, with others trying to figure out the cause. Here are the reactions;

Kim Badispencer Erick Meanwhile in Asian Restaurant………dinner is moving out of its plate….


Grace Nyandia Thought it was Migori

Dennis Odhiambo Sign’s of end times

Louise Magowi Jougenya gi juok yawa

Dio Neqagga shida ya kufungia kuku na mbuzi pamoja

Alex Rottich No reason to be excited at all. This are the early signs of mutations caused by gene modifications…. This is just the beginning




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