Fireworks on Twitter as David Ndii Insults Uhuru in Kikuyu, Calls him a spoilt Brat

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Controversial economist and political commentator David Ndii has lit up Twitter after insulting President Uhuru Kenyatta over the ongoing counties revenue allocation row.

On the stalemate that has starved county government off funds, President Uhuru ruled out giving governors a bigger share saying “the government has no money.”

On Thursday, Daily Nation tweeted on the matter sparking a rather controversial response from Dr Ndii.

“President Kenyatta dismisses call by senators and governors for more revenue allocation to counties; says government has no money,” tweeted Daily Nation.

Ndii, who has been a hostile critic of the Uhuru’s administration, replied by calling the president a spoilt brat while reminding him that taxpayers’ money does not belong to his mother.

“Kaī ndūrīka īno īciragia mbeca ciothe nī cia Ngīna (“Does this spoilt brat think that all the money belongs to his mother)?” He tweeted.

His remark elicited mixed reactions from his followers with many bashing him for dragging Uhuru’s mother into the debate.

Here are some of the reactions:

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