Babu Owino Threatens Major Demonstrations at Uhuru Park, Youths Agree

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.PHOTO/COURTESY

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has managed to gunner massive support from Kenyans after he announced a plan of calling for a grand demonstration at Uhuru park over the plight of the unemployed youth in Kenya.

On Thursday, the vocal legislator claimed that thousands of young people were going through a lot of challenges after failing to land jobs, despite spending a lot of money to fund their education.

“I do not blame the youth. How can you blame them? They have done everything they are supposed to do. They have worked hard against difficult challenges to achieve what their leaders told them they needed,” read part of Babu’s Facebook post.

The former SONU Chairman further faulted the government of failing to create enough jobs for the youth. He stated that the government kept aged employees in the office, instead of sending them home when they approach retirement.

“Then after all that, the students end up in slums while civil servants who have far exceeded the retirement age of 60 continue being shortlisted for government opportunities.

A large number of Kenyans who have since camped on his facebook page showing their support for his plan further praised him for his bold move while arguing that the government has neglected the youth and only concentrating on their own development.

A section of a few others faulted him for failing in his legislative role of passing laws that will see the youth gain have the big share of the government’s jobs.

You are in parliament where laws are enacted & legislated. You are part of the team supporting Ongeza Mzigo Referendum led by BBI to create more space for retiree’s and want to reject punguza mzigo referendum by Dr Ekuru Okoth,” one Samuel Kipkoech wrote.


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