Where is our Chicken? Kenyans Ask Magufuli after Uhuru Returns Tanzanian Gold

Security officials carry part of the cargo that was handed to President Magufuli in Tanzania. Photo/File

On Wednesday, Kenyan government officials led by Foreign Affairs CS Monica Juma accompanied by DPP Noordin Haji, AG Kihara Kariuki & DCI George Kinoti stunned many after flying to Tanzania with 35.3 kilogrammes of gold stolen from a bank in Tanzania and handed it back to President Pombe Magufuli.

Additionally, the officials also handed more than Sh15 million that was recovered from a suspect who was arrested with the gold worth about Sh168 million at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in February 2018.

Image result for magufuli burns kenyan chicken seized in Tanzania
In 2018, the Tanzanian government burnt alive 5,000 day-old chicks imported from Kenya by three Tanzanian businessmen. This angered most Kenyans. Photo/File

The gold which was stolen on May 21, 2004, from Tanzania’s National Bank of Commerce (NBC) in Moshi, was handed back to the Tanzanian President Pombe Magufuli who commended Kenya’s security apparatus for tracing and recovering the loot.

Magufuli who promised to reward the officers involved in the operation blamed Tanzania’s security personnel for allowing the stolen money and gold to get out of Tanzanian boarders

But what was meant to be a positive reception by Kenyans however turned into vigorous reactions after a larger section of Kenyans felt that the act of returning back the seized gold to Tanzania was not justifiable.

According to them, the government should have instead kept the gold having in mind that President Maguli ordered the seizure and actioning of Kenyan cows which had crossed over to Tanzania in search of pasture in 2018.

What angered Kenyans the most was the fact that Magufuli also ordered the burning of Kenyan chicken which was also seized in Namaga. Here are some of their angry reactions;

Shiro Wanjiru Did they ever return our cows and chicken?😯

Stephen Karori They should also return our cows and chicks without delay

Ole Masai Will they come back with our auctioned cows??




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