Hii ni Githeri ranking! Kenyans cry foul as Dennis Okari isn’t listed Top Influential Journalist

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Ever since Dennis Okari graced our screens with the Red Alert investigation, his fame has continuously graced him with multiple loyal fans. KENYANS ON Twitter question the unprecedented (perception) rating of top journalists in Kenya by  Kenyans with many asking why investigative scribe Dennis Okari missed the pole position. Nearly all the top ten are from citizentvkenya

On Thursday morning tweeps woke up to a top 100 best journalists in Kenyan and Okari fans least to say were devastated of him being placed at the 19th position calling the entire list a scam. Netizens claimed the basis not clear while compiling the list. The list was presented with is a popularity contest of our top media personalities and not in any way a show of journalistic skills.

I agree, his journalistic skills are something to die for. He has been informative on issues that directly affect us and for that, we should be grateful.

I will join the fans in acknowledging his efforts and he honestly deserved a top 10 position, right?

Dennis Okari has proven to be passionate at his work. His journalistic skills are commendable as an investigative journalist. He uncovers hidden stories risking his life to help the vulnerable. Indeed Okari is the voice of the voiceless.

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