When Uhuru Combs his Hair in Public

Uhuru Kenyatta’s photo combing his hair in public. PHOTO/COURTESY

Life at times can be too hard on us. The haste and hustle that comes with us trying to meet our goals can sometimes make us forget the small but crucial things in life. Like for example combing your hair.

Our case is not different from President Uhuru Kenyatta’s. With the clock ticking faster towards 2022, President Uhuru Kenyatta has to multi-task to ensure he secures his legacy.


Not even a small hair grooming stuff can hinder Uhuru from beating his time schedules as this can as well be done on the way.

They say when you go to Rome do as the Romans do, but as Uhuru found out recently, this could mess up your hairstyle and you could end up looking a bit shaggy in public. His act of combing his hair in public has however warmed the hearts of many online social media users. Many commended the president saying

Here are some of the reactions from the social media sides concerning this interesting act by the country’s head of state;

Cool Leo Leo The Colmore boy’s club gift could be taking effect already. Meanwhile, Ruto will never be president! Arror and Kamwarer dam money must be recovered before anything is said about 2022 😜😂

Rashid Jumbe Is this headlines or the really headache that my president/my friend is going through!!!!!! Please tell him am ready to walk around with him I have a career of carrying comb ooops combs

Nyangy Dee Why do have to show everything this is a sitting president for kingdom sake even Trump always fix his wig but no media makes it news..worry about serious stuff like depositing 15m bond in a twinkle of an eye while being charged with with stealing the money from the same pot..comb your hair Uhuru live the MF to talk

Loizettah W. Kihara Is UKs Barber on leave he does gel to his course hair.

Alsina August Tom what is the relationship btn a comb & a bail……You people can’t stop amazing me

has started combing his hair backwards like his father

Kevin Oduor Si mnipe job ya kumshave daily



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