Tanga Tanga Members in Trouble For Defending Corruption Suspects

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Politicians allied to Deputy President William Ruto’s (Tanga Tanga). PHOTO/COURTESY

Deputy President William Ruto’s brigade, Tanga Tanga, is on the spot for defending Government officials involved in every major corruption scandal hitting the country.

After the arrest of Treasury CS Henry Rotich, the brigade came out guns blazing accusing DPP Noordin Haji of deliberately killing the Dam Projects to satisfy the vested short term political interests.

The latest to speak is Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot. On Tuesday evening he questioned the DPP’s independence in handling corruption cases while arguing that his graft war is one-sided and only targeting a certain community.

Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot.PHOTO/COURTESY

While defending Rotich and other 28 corruptions suspects, Cheruiyot accused the DPP of putting more on the Kimwarer and Arror scandal while leaving other scandals out of the picture.

“There are more than 100 GOK projects (leave alone those executed before Jubilee came to power) using the same process that has been used to procure and execute Kimwarer and Arror (I am speaking from a point of knowledge). Why have they not been convicted?”

However, Cheruiyot’s statement has put him in trouble with Kenyans who are now inclusively accusing politicians allied to Ruto of sycophancy and lacking objectivity while discussing matters of public interest, especially on corruption matters.

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