Miguna’s Circumcision Status Raises a Huge online Storm

Controversial NRM General has caused a huge stir on social media after claiming that circumcision is not important.  Kenyans could not come to terms with what the Canadian based lawyer.

Miguna Miguna claims that there is no credible proof that male circumcision reduces the rate of HIV infections.

“There is no credible scientific study proving that MALE CIRCUMCISION reduces the rate of HIV infections. Most Caucasian males in Europe and North America are not circumcized yet the rate of HIV among them is much lower than in South Africa where male circumcision is compulsory,” Miguna stated.


Circumcision in Africa is believed to have many benefits to male including; decreased risk of urinary tract infections, reduced risk of some sexually transmitted infections, protection against penile cancer among many others.

Miguna Miguna has claimed that all those health benefits are founded on myths.

Miguna Miguna also refused to reveal if he is circumcised or not. Instead, the NRM General resolved to use the shortest escape route stating that penis has no brains.

He also claimed that circumcision is just propaganda intended to perpetuate a xenophobic agenda.

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