Henry Rotich’s Expensive Watch Sets Social Media Ablaze

Treasury CS Rotich’s wristwatch that is causing a heated debate online. The watch is said to cost around Sh144,726 while Thugge’s cost Sh1.39 million. PHOTO/COURTESY

A local newspaper on Wednesday morning found itself on the wrong side of its readers after running a story concerning the value of embattled Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich’s wristwatch.

According to a story by the Star Newspaper, Rotich and Treasury CS Kamau Thugge’s good taste for expensive watches showed how the two were extremely rich. “You can judge a man by what is on his wrist.” was the head discussion of the story.

CS Henry Rotich and PS Kamau Thugge when they appeared before Mlimani court. Photo/File

According to the story, which referred to the watchmaker’s website, Rotich’s watch retails for 1,250 Euros which is an equivalent of Sh144,726 while Thugge’s Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT with steel strap costed anything between $5,000 and $13,000 which roughly between Sh518,000 and Sh1.3 million Kenyan money.

The story, however, seemed to have rubbed social media readers the wrong way with many accusing the media house of running a petty story having in mind that the two leaders were earning huge salaries as compared to their wristwatches.

Julius Tuei These guys have 1m salary

Baba Nabil Ibrahim My watch costed me 65K and am a hustler. What is that to a whole minister of finance. He needs to upgrade boss.

Caleb Rono Consider his salary and how many years he’s been employed.

Others questioned what the value of their watches had to do with the scandal cases the two were facing in court.

John Mwangi Kamau Surely? The Star, what connection has their wrist watches got to do with their cases if I may ask?

Paul Mwenja With 17B in the pocket, that’s a very cheap watch

Chepkuto Lagat Kales are rich ask lord of poverty or kibor,kosge rutu etc..

Elijah Gitongah What has that got to do with this……. Stop the crap..#thestar

Others connected the value of the watch with the scandal the two were facing saying that the money used in its purchase was acquired from the scandal money.

Jeimo Ule Msey KENYA Iliuzwa kitambooo na pesa ikagawanywa

Kwamboka Kadzo hawa watu waliingia serikali juzi juzi are now living large. You don’t need any proof to know that they are corrupt








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