Things that happen to every quiet person ever

If you’re a quiet human, you’re probably used to people misunderstanding you.

It’s common for people to have flawed perceptions of you. They might think you’re snobby, shy, introverted or maybe even insecure. But you know that’s not necessarily true – just because you’re not shouting like a Kindergarten teacher doesn’t mean you’re afraid of the world. In fact, if you were the type to make bold announcements, you’d probably let people know what you’re really like.

Here are some things only quiet people will get.

1. When someone asks you “why are you so quiet?” and deep inside you are like “how is it your business?”

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2. You have no idea how to continue a conversation. When someone asks you a question, you give an answer or nod and that’s it.

3. Some people think you are boring but you don’t care coz deep inside you know you are awesome.
4. Or some think you are bored because you are quiet…..But you’re rarely bored. What’s happening in your head is actually really entertaining!


5. You prefer texting over calling.


6. You give strangers the silent treatment but once you get used to someone, you can chatter away like the chattiest chatterbox.

7.  You are really observant. It’s like a talent that you didn’t choose to have but is just part of who you are.


8. People think you are shy just because you are quiet but they have no idea the level of crazy you can get when you feel like it.

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9. Talkative people think you are weird coz you don’t talk too much but you also think they are weird coz they talk too much. Like why can’t they just shut up? 


10. You are always glad when you meet people who understand your silence. People who reason like this;
‘Oh, you’re a quiet person? I’m not going to force you into really uncomfortable social situations or embarrass you by constantly pointing out your silence. Because I get it.’
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11.  You are able to make true friends because they take the time to get to know you and love you how you are.

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 12. Sometimes, you have to work harder to prove your worth. Quiet individuals often have to make twice the effort in order to stand out, particularly in places like the workplace.
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13.  You lose arguments you should have won because you couldn’t manage to say everything you wanted to say.

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14. Face-to-face networking is a rare form of torture.
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15. When you call someone for the first time. Before pressing the dial button, you clear your throat as if you have a singing audition…
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16. You wish to be totally kickass during interviews. But when the time comes, you answer in monosyllables or gestures!



17. When you haven’t said anything in a group conversation and the person speaking stops, turns to you, and says “You haven’t said anything for a while. What’s your opinion?”

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Are you a quiet person?

Which feeling do you get the most?

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